2014 – Ninth Triennial Conference

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2014 – Ninth Triennial Conference

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Proceedings of the Ninth Triennial Conference on Coal Mine Subsidence
Mine Subsidence: Risk Management In Action

Sebel Kirkton Park, Pokolbin 11-13 May 2014

Title Author(s) Page
Risk Management in Subsidence Engineering – 2014 Conference Keynote Address JM Galvin 1
A Review of Surface Subsidence Caused by Coal Mining – 1988 Conference Keynote Address JM Galvin 11
Management of Mine Subsidence Impacts Beneath the Township of Tahmoor I Sheppard
B Treverrow
DJ Kay
DW Bullock
J Matheson
G Warren
C Dove
Successful Mananagement Strategy for Mining Adjacent to a Sensitive Natural Feature RV Walsh
BK Hebblewhite
G Li
KW Mills
MA Nicholson
J Barbato
BJ Brannon
Non-conventional Subsidence Behaviour and Impacts – Ryerson State Park Dam, Pennsylvania USA: Case Study BK Hebblewhite
R Gray
Clarence Colliery – Partial Extraction to Protect Surface Features E White 61
The Review and Development of Managing the Main Southern Railway for Subsidence Impacts from Longwall Mining AR Pidgeon
RE Barber
D Christie
DJ Kay
GK Robinson
IC Sheppard
H Pinkster
Hydrogeological Characterisation of Temperate Highland Peat Swamps on Sandstone on the Newnes Plateau P Corbett
E White
B Kirsch
Case Studies of Groundwater Response to Mine Subsidence in the Western Coalfields of NSW P Corbett
E White
B Kirsch
On the Establishment of Acceptability Criteria for Subsidence Impacts on the Natural Environment PJN Pells
A Young
P Turner
Effect of Constitutive Behaviour of Strata on the Prediction of Subsidence Above Single-seam and Multi-seam Supercritical Longwall Panels AM Suchowerska
JP Carter
JP Hambleton
RS Merifield
Investigating Characteristics of Strata Movement Due to Multi-seam Mining Using a Sand-plater Physical Model B Ghabraie
G Ren
Is there a 4th Dimension to Subsidence Monitoring? W Ziegler
H Middleton
Updated Valley Closure Prediction Method to Include Influence of Mine Subsidence, Geology and Topography DR Kay
AA Waddington
Investigation of Geological and Geotechnical Effects on Valley Closure Subsidence Behaviour C Zhang
R Mita
J Oh
B Hebblewhite
Valley Closure Impact Model for Rock Bar Controlled Streams in the Southern Coalfield J Barbato
G Brassington
R Walsh
Monitoring of Ground Movements at Sandy Creek Waterfall and Implications for Understanding the Mechanics of Valley Closure Movements RV Walsh
KW Mills
MA Nicholson
J Barbato
BK Hebblewhite
G Li
PJ Brannon
Mining Beneath the M31 Hume Motorway HG Buys
P Vecovski
H Pinkster
G Swarbrick
DJ Kay
Warrego Highway Mine Investigation: A Case Study of the Warrego Highway Mine Subsidence Risk Assessment M Passier
R Kiorala
Mine Subsidence Monitoring for Bridges on the Hunter Expressway Stage 2 J Hitchcox
A Armstrong
T Chelvarajan
G Fell
V Urbano
R Kingsland
The Impact of Mining-induced Subsidence on a Geological Fault at Douglas Park D Christie
A Pidgeon
DJ Kay
L Pearce
R Barber
H Pinkster
G Robinson
Performance of Under-track Rail Infrastructure Elements on the Main Southern Railway During Longwall Mining – Lessons Learnt A Leventhal
J Matheson
T Hull
A Steindler
Mining Near the Goonyella Main Railway Line at Moranbah North Mine J Biddle
K Mills
J Laubscher
I Canbulat
L Pearce
DJ Kay
A Pearce
Redbank Tunnel Deviation: Interaction of Longwall Mining in the Southern Coalfield and Safe Operation of the Main Southern Railway I Sheppard
D Talbers
G Robinson
R Barber
DJ Kay
J Matheson
A Leventhal
R Morrisey
The Impact of Mining-induced Subsidence on Rail Embankments on the Main Southern Rail at Douglas Park D Christie
DJ Kay
A Pidgeon
R Barber
L Pearce
Design Philosophy for a Reinforced Soil Bridge Abutment in a Valley Closure Environment of the Southern Coalfield A Leventhal
T Hull
I Sheppard
Challenges of Large Scale Rail and Road Monitoring – Douglas Park and Tahmoor S Garlinge
L Pearce
M Brunton
Need for Tighter Control of Design and Construction of Major Structures in Mine Subsidence Areas AA Waddington
PD Austin
Criteria for the Assessment of Mining Impact on Structures: A Forensic Approach J Forrest 381
Case Study
Residential Building Damage – Reactive Soils of Shallow Mine Workings?
P Evans 403
Shearing of Ashfield Shale Under the Influence of Longwall Mining A Leventhal
T Hull
A Steindler
I Sheppard
Hazelwood Mine – Filling in the Cracks M Nicholson
R Polmear
J Faithful
W Hartman
G Wilkinson
The Characterisation of 3D Ground Movements Associated with Sloping Topography in the Southern Coalfield RV Walsh
CJ Kelly
MA Nicholson
On the Deception in Requiring and Providing Singular Accurate Predictions for Surface Subsidence, Tilt and Strain R Seedsman
PJN Pells
A Review of the Accuracy and Reliability of Empirical Subsidence Predictions P DeBono
J Barbato
K Mills
R Walsh
Numerical Analysis of Mine Subsidence: The Good, the Bad and the Unknown G Swarbrick
D Bishop
G Zhao
Mine Subsidence Control Using Overburden Grout Injection Technology B Shen
H Guo
B Poulsen
J Qin
H Alehossein
Migration of Potential Sinkhole from Abandoned Coal Mine Entries at Swanbank Enterprise Development, Ipswich, Australia DL Knott
K Grubb
H Taylor
J Deans
M Saddler