2017 – Tenth Triennial Conference

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2017 – Tenth Triennial Conference

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Proceedings of the Tenth Triennial Conference on Coal Mine Subsidence
Mine Subsidence: Adaptive Innovation for Managing Challenges

Kirkton Park, Pokolbin 5-7 November 2017

Longwall Mining beneath Lake Lindsay Overland Conveyor at Grasstree Mine JR Soar
C Ryan
J Sparksman
G Leason
DJ Kay
M Posthumus
TR Baillie
Innovative ways of Managing Longwall Mining beneath Small to Medium Commercial and Industrial Properties S Beresford
D Talbert
Recent Advances in Groundwater Modelling for Coal Mines NP Merrick 29
Longwall Mining Impacts on Groundwater and Surface Water: Aspects Significant to Gaining Mining Approval JM Galvin 37
Experience of Monitoring the Interaction between Ground Deformations and Groundwater above an Extracted Longwall Panel KW Mills
BG Blacka
Investigation on the Soil-Pile Interaction Mechanism in Subsidence Areas Sheng P
Wang DQ
Zhu YX
Influence of Residual Tilt Deformation and Strengthening on Pile and Pier Foundation in Mine Goaf Zhu YX
Wang DQ
Sheng P
Continuous Monitoring of Mining Induced Strain in Bridge Stepped Joints Using Fibre Bragg Grating Sensors M Brunton
BE Whelan
Experiences from Longwall Mining beneath Railway Cuttings DJ Kay
A Pidgeon
C Bloor
D Christie
A Leventhal
J Matheson
G Robinson
J Rolles
R Pinkerton
R Barber
I Sheppard
D Talbert
C Brunero
D Patterson
Unsaturated Railway Embankments Subject to Mine Subsidence (can you handle the truth?) G Swarbrick
T Hull
A Leventhal
Outcomes of the Response of Railway Overbridges to Valley Closure in the NSW Southern Coalfield J Matheson
A Leventhal
T Hull
A Steindler
I Sheppard
Valley Closure – How Much Can a Culvert Bear? A Leventhal
J Matheson
T Hull
A Steindler
I Sheppard
Monitoring of Mining Induced Movements between Bridge Components with Fibre Bragg Grating Sensors M Brunton
BE Whelan
Innovative Design of Large Multi-storey Reinforced Concrete Framed Structures Subject to Mine Subsidence P Austin
P Moore
Predicting Horizontal Ground Movements for Grosvenor Mine, Queensland DR Kay
DJ Kay
AA Waddington
S McEwan
Validation of a Subsidence Prediction Approach of Combined Modelling and Empirical Methods Y Heritage 193
Development of Predictive Methods for Horizontal Movement and Strain at the Surface due to Longwall Mining J Barbato
B Hebblewhite
R Mitra
K Mills
AA Waddington
Re-emergence of Photogrammetry for Hi-resolution 3D Surface Modelling and Measurement M Nicholson 223
Progress in Partial Extraction Layout Design for Productivity, Safety and Subsidence Management at Clarence Colliery D Hill
E White
Structural Integrity Investigation of a Deep Shaft at a Salt Mine G Dominish
D Ho
Overview of the Monitoring of Sandstone Overhangs for the Effects of Mining Subsidence in the Southern Coalfield R Regal
J Reeves
The Unexpected Outcomes of 25 Years of Subsidence Monitoring of Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Sites in the Southern Coalfield of NSW J Reeves
R Regal
Subsidence Events, Investigations & Litigation The Need for a Forensic Approach A Shirley
S Fagg
Downhole Techniques to Assess Mine Subsidence and Mitigation Effectiveness DL Knott
H Streater
Pothole Subsidence in the Newcastle Region J Johnston
K Black
S Fityus
R Rigby
I Canbulat
Assessment of Sinkhole Risk in Shallow Coal Mining I Canbulat
C Zhang
K Black
J Johnston
S McDonald
Alternative Approach to the Assessment of the Mine Workings under the Newcastle CBD S Baker
J Darras